Favorite Photos #28, Anchorage to Valdez, Alaska

We choose our Favorite Photos for various reasons. Mostly because of their beauty, but, many times for the content or how it draws out our emotions. Last week's photos left off at the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska.

This week the MotherShip left The Kenai in style. Our STOP Engine light came on and we could not drive on our own. The trip to Anchorage Cummins is 150 miles.

The tilt bed semi moving the MotherShip fast backwards.

Pete and Donnalee unloading the MotherShip in Anchorage.

Pete thanks Nick Webb for the 300 mile truck trip. Our cost? Zero, as we have a Coach Net membership.

While the crew at Cummins gets to work, we head downtown for some great local music.

The walkway to Thunderbird Falls north of Eagle River.

You don't see a lot of grass in Alaska as you do here.

With 3,000,000 lakes, each Alaska resident could have three to themselves. These two were nice enough to share.

Along the Glen Highway toward Victory Bible Camp.

Glacier viewed from the Glenn Highway 1.

Lake at Victory Bible Camp (shot from our front window at our site)

Index Lake.

Victory Bible Camp.

From our site at the camp.

The Matanuska Glacier. For a fee you can drive right to this glacier.

The chef at the Long Rifle Lodge overlooking the Matanuska Glacier.

The MotherShip takes a rest as we enjoy the Long Rifle Lodge blue cheese burger. Perhaps the best burger in the world!

On the road to Valdez.

Highway 4, our best example and most fun "frost heaved" road.

Our week in Valdez was our only overcast and drizzly time in summer 2009. The weather made for some great low hanging clouds.

The Worthington Glacier on Highway 4.

Final photo this week, just short of Valdez

Next week we'll present Valdez in Favorite Photos #29.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Photos from July 2009

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