Favorite Photos #29, Valdez, Alaska

The weather in Alaska in the summer of 2009 was fabulous. The week we spent in Valdez drizzled for a few days. Even then we got some great photos. This is Valdez Bay just a few miles from the city.

This boat is anchored off Allison Point on the south side of Valdez Bay.

Valdez seen at night from Allison Point.

Bikers enjoyed Allison Point as well.

Bear Paw RV Park is a nice stay right in the city.

Valdez Harbor is chock full of boats, kayaks and watercraft.

The city seen through a fireweed picture frame.

The harbor is filled with color.

"Whispering Giant" by artist Peter "Wolf" Toth.

Water makes good photos great.

This admirer thinks so.

Valdez Bay.

Valdez is surrounded 350 degrees by mountains.

We enjoyed all the cloud formations.

Leaving Valdez momentarily.

Back at The Harbor Cafe for lunch. No, the sign is real, not pasted in.

Each day fisherman come to catch the salmon from the shore at Allison Point.

The seals play in the water...

...while the gulls watch.

Every afternoon a young bear walks along the shore, scares the fisherman away and eats their catch. (in 2009)

Here he his now in a rare moment of capturing this own salmon.

This time he just squeezed out the eggs and ate them for desert. The fish was unharmed and flopped its way back to the bay.

We got hundreds of photos of this guy, some as close as 30 feet.

A ranger warned us never to look a bear in the eyes. He looked at us and we got this last photo and skedaddled.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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