Favorite Photos #27 Kenai Peninsula Alaska

This week our favorite photos come from the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.

Donnalee joined us for this week of our trip. We picked her up at 9pm in the MotherShip at the Anchorage Airport. We did not notice the Permitted sign. It should have added 40 foot motorhomes.

Heading to the Kenai, we boondocked overnight on Highway 1 at Turnagain Arm. In the morning our San Luis Obispo friends Dave and Sandy spotted us as they drove by. Small world! They had just returned from Brooks Fall, Alaska. It is the bear capital of the world and must be reached by plane only. Dave is a professional photographer and got great bear photos. They wanted to shoot in the Kenai but Shanta Creek fire filled the sky with smoke as you will see later. Good photos need clear air.

The Kenai has many of the nicest of Alaska's 3,000,000 lakes.

Hwy 9 on the road to Seward.

The next four photos are at Resurrection Bay at Seward, Alaska

You can see how the smoke clouds the photos.

But still you can get some great snapshots!

Donnalee, friend of all animals and bugs too!

Beautiful Digitalis Foxgloves.

A five foot otter enjoying the day.

Waterfalls seen from the boat cruise to the Holgate glacier.

A glacier baby.

The Holgate glacier.

Cruising back to the dock, an 8-hour tour, an 8-hour tour.

We boondocked on Hwy 1 just south of Soldotna on the Kenai. Most moose are shy, not this one.

This 10:18 pm photo would be in bright sunlight if not for the smoke. Still a cool shot.

Heading to Homer to catch our 2-fish limit of halibut.

The Salty Dawg retirement program.

We cruised from Homer for two hours to reach the 300 foot depth ocean canyon.

The halibut sit on the bottom and watch for your hook to clunk them on their heads.

1) They gladly took the hook and our 22 pounders did not even fight. 2) This 99 pounder caught by a Texan (who else?) did fight and had to be shot at the surface to get it in the boat.

Wow! Our Favorites have gotten us through the Kenai. In not too many weeks we'll be out of Alaska.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Photos from July 2009

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