Crosswind Church SOWER Project

SOWER stands for Servants on Wheels Ever Ready (see SOWERs). For the last three weeks we were at the Crosswind Church in Palmdale, California. The SOWER ministry is a win-win for us and the church. Crosswind provides us free RV hookups for three weeks and we provide them with 72 hours of service. This keeps the costs down for both of us.

But more than that, we are partners with them in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Palmdale/Lancaster communities.

Our first project was at Indian Hills Camp. This was where we first met John and Rosie from Nashville, Tennessee. Each morning we have Bible devotions with them. This draws you closer to God and to those with whom you serve. We have stayed great friends ever since 2008.

In June 2009 we joined them again with a SOWER project at Camp Li-Wa in Fairbanks, Alaska. Our group this time was four couples including Jay/Naomi and Gary/Stephanie. This photo from the northern end of the Alaskan Highway.

The Crosswind project is our 6th while John and Rosie have worked over 100 projects! It is always a blessing to be with them; and when we depart next week, they will be missed.

Crosswind Church is not just place to come and worship on Sundays. There are various activities throughout the week.

Some churches may be dormant during the weekdays, but not Crosswind. They provide their Adventureland School day care from 6:00 am to 6:30 pm Monday to Friday. They provide care for children up to 5 years..
1) The Lambs are 6 weeks to 1 year.
2) Turtles are 1 to 2.
3) Giraffes are 2 to 2 1/2.
4) Frogs are 2 1/2 to 3. Monkeys are 3 to 4.
5) Adventure Kids are 4 to 5 years.

With this much activity, building maintenance is a big issue. And that's why we are here. Many SOWER projects involve new construction but all SOWER sites need maintenance. The men are assigned "power tool" jobs and work 72 hours over a three week period. The ladies do painting, planting, sewing, office work and everything else they might be asked to do. They work 36 hours and provide continous support for their husbands (as usual!).

The project Group Leader (GL) gets a list of projects from the host organization. Pastor Tim and his wife Robyn gave John a list when they arrived. But each day we are not surprised when new requests are made. On this day Rosie and Ellen were asked to separate hundreds of plastic eggs by color and attach string to 80 eggs. "Sure, whatever you need."

Here are the cabinets that Rosie and Ellen stained. John and Pete removed them to make the staining easy but also because Pastor Tim wanted the cabinet moved up higher on the wall!

1) This rolling cabinet came in with a wheel broken off. We reinforced the bottom to provide a stronger base for the wheels. 2) John installing electric wire for some outdoor lighting.

The day care has many rooms. "If it were not so, I would have told you". This is the Monkey Room. This sink needed several changes. 1) The water faucet leaked water under the cabinet: fixed. 2) The right side sink overhead spigot was broken and we had to install a different faucet. 3) The step stools put little toddlers in danger of falling off: we needed to make safer steps.

Pete and John build new steps. 1) Pete routers smooth edges on the ladder handles. 2) The completed step is "consumer tested and approved". We can install the steps (2 sets) after Ellen and Rosie paint them.

The completed steps are put into place.

Pete points and asks John "What on Earth is this?". John says "Watch Peter-San and the master will teach you!". We will build a beautiful back drop that will be placed in front of the church baptismal basin. "Ohhhh", says Peter-San.

The new back drop provides a more interesting look for the baptismal.

We work on projects only 6 hours per day, leaving plenty of time for break, lunch and fellowship. This day we were joined by local SOWERs Jack and Kathy who have worked at Crosswind many times.

An evening with Pastor Tim and Robyn enjoying desert after a marvelous dinner.

Mandy was sequestered to the MotherShip while we worked. John, like a little kid, enjoyed tapping on the window to get Mandy's attention. This sign was posted so Mandy could get back to sleeping 23 hours a day.

What a blessing to help the church, and be with John and Rosie! With our ministry completed, we are headed back to our home area to visit with family and relatives.

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Photos from April 2019

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