What is your favorite place?

As we bring you this travelogue we are still on the 3:10 to Yuma!

More questions from our Full Time Traveler Wannabe seminar. "You've been to all the US states and five Canadian provinces. What is your favorite place?"

Answer: The People!

We have met and will continue to meet wonderful people. If we have to pick a geographic place, it is Alaska. But if you see Alaska and don't meet any people it is nothing more that a beautiful creation from God where every picture is a postcard or puzzle box cover! Okay, so Alaska is amazing and every state we visit has something great.

But still it is the interaction with the people that is most rewarding. For 13 years we have hesitated to share personal stories as we cherish our privacy and don't want to violate the privacy of our friends. We have been careful when mentioning these people in our travelogues to never write anything that would allow anyone to "find" them. No last names, no addresses, phone numbers and sometimes not even a city name. As we share about these friends, it will not be their biography but experiences with them that have blessed our lives.

So who are these people? Here is a small selection with a teaser about them. Over the coming months we will share some of these stories.

Ben and Sid

Atascadero neighbors for 13 years, RV friends for 13 more.

Dar and Cindy

Bought our motorhomes from same dealer on the same day.


Our first "mentor" when researching motorhomes.

(Photo from his business web site)

Charlie and Cheryl

Our first "mentors" after purchase and our first stay at friend's home.

Jerry and Judy

Met them near Zion National Park and many places since.

Ed and Sheryl

Our friends from the world class Motor Coach Country Club Resort in Indio, California.

John and Gloria

John, a Navy veteran and Gloria, his wife.

Hank and Ann

Met them at a Florida RV park and stayed at their house in Canada.

Hank and Arlene

Arizona tourist train visitors; stayed at their house near Chicago.

Leonard and Dreda

Met them horsing around at the pool in Canada. Leonard is a harness racer.

Mark and Larry

Our incredible hosts at the "Garden of the Elks" in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Paul, Carra and Kevin

Lot owners and "givers" at Ozarks Luxury RV Resort on Table Rock Lake, Arkansas.

Diane and Dennis

You'll have to wait to hear how we were blessed by these folks.

Ed and Diane

They interrupted our one mile walk after 20 feet to invite us in.

Lauren and Jeanette

They reached out to lend a hand and we have seen them eight times across the nation.

John and Rosie

They bless the Lord with their SOWERS ministry and blessed us too!

Tom and Patty

Only met them once, but we stay in touch and hope to meet again.

Tim and Bobbie

Bobbie and Ellen bonded instantly and played together in pickleball tournaments.

Clint and Jackie

Clint and Pete, strangers, won their first pickleball Gold medal and no longer strangers but good friends.

Steve and Candy

Pete and Clint beat Steve in the Gold medal match. Steve and Candy still invited us to their house.

Gordon and Karen

Met them briefly at the Pete/Clint tournament and since become life friends.

Neal and Sherry

Pete's second Gold medal with Neal who is fast like a cheetah.

Don and Pam

Don "Duck" blew us away with his generosity.


A veteran, great friend and Mandy's pal.

Dean and Laurel

Met them at Palm Creek and they hosted us at their home in Kansas.

Dennis and Jean

Fellow pickleball players who hosted us at their "mansion" in Washington.

Tim and Vikki

Our current full time motorhome "pal around" buddies.

This group of folks are ones we have met "On the Road". It does not include relatives and others not mentioned. Visiting people at their home in the MotherShip is great. You get to be next door and visit as much as you want, but still have your space. We always tell people "Don't invite us unless you mean it". Of this group we have stayed at eleven of their homes. Including relatives and other friends we have stayed at 42 homes in the last 13 years. Where do you live? "Don't tell unless you unless you mean it".

"My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am."" John 14:2-3

With love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Photos from 2006 to 2019

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