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Dumping Your Tanks

This list of step works for us with our Monaco Diplomat. The sequence may need to be altered for your motorhome. This differs radically from the Monaco manual. We learned this from Preston Hall owner of

In September of 2006, just six months after we purchased our motorhome, our tank level indicators were inaccurate. We met Preston and he cleaned our tanks using his flushing system with a camera to verify the tanks were perfectly clean. Next, Preston made several recommendations which we have followed since.

  • Filter your incoming water with a carbon filter that removes bacteria and fungus.
  • Use only 1-ply toilet paper and don't discard anything heavier.
  • Have your black and gray tanks cleaned annually.
  • Have a clear plastic elbow to see the effluent being dumped.
  • Flush using the method outlined below.
  • Don't add chemicals, but his concoction as specified.

Tank Flushing Procedure

  • Dump when you first arrive at camp while tanks are stirred up.
  • Fill black to capacity, dump and repeat until clean water emits.
  • Dump gray tank last to clean your hose.
  • Put 12 oz of "concoction" into the toilet and 8 oz into the sinks.

Non-chemical Concoction

  • Put 4 oz of Calgon bath oil beads into a half gallon jug. We prefer the Ocean Breeze scent.
  • Add 28 oz of Pine Sol liquid. We prefer the Lemon scent.
  • Shake the Calgon and Pine Sol until blended.
  • Add 32 oz of water, letting the suds overflow into the sink.

You can of course double the amounts for one gallon. Each time you dump your tanks, add 12 oz to your toilet and 8 oz to your sinks.

Your can find All Pro Waterflow service centers on their web site.

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